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Hand Made Hair Care

Take care of your crowning glory naturally!  A.O.M's natural herbal and botanical shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are fortified with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin e, wheat germ oil and other nourishing oils and spices that does not dry the scalp or strip the hair.  The shampoo lathers well and cleanses the hair and scalp gently and naturally!, All fortified with hair nourishing natural ingredients that are beneficial to the hair and smell absolutely delicious!

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Sulfate Free Herbal Shampoo
Your Hair will feel and smell absolutely delicious and your scalp will be clean and fresh. 8oz
Price: $10.95
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Herbal Conditioner
Made with the same ingredients as the matching shampoos and deep conditions the hair with wheat germ oil.
Price: $10.95
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Flaxseed Hair Gel With Green Tea & Ginger Spice
A soft hold that lasts all day! with hair nourishing ingredients like ginger, cloves and honey. A healthy alternative to the alcohol-based hair gels that you find in stores. 4oz bottle
Price: $9.00
Herbal Hair Spray-Soft Hold
My natural hair spray is a wonderful healthy way to get a soft hold without alcohol and harsh chemicals that can dry your hair and make it feel sticky like straw. Add volume and style to your beautiful head of hair. The nutrient rich pro-Vitamin B5 gives your hair softness and fullness while nourishing each strand with minerals essential to healthy hair. The herbs and essential oils provide shine and a delicate scent while organic aloe further nourishes your hair. For added volume, curl and manageability just spray on wet or dry hair and style as desired. 4oz size, Totally reusable and recyclable too! INGREDIENTS: distilled water, aloe vera juice, honey, sugar, chamomile, green tea, spearmint, rose water, and essential oils.
Price: $8.50
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Natural Hair Detangler
No more crying! I made this because my four year old would be terrified when I would try to get a comb through her thick, afro-textured hair. This detangler kept her quiet (and kept me tear free as well!) it is also perfect for dry hair: spray on tangles and comb through very gently for a 'touch-up' after hair-mussing activities... Made to be lightly conditioning as well, without weighing hair down; made with distilled water, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, pro-vitamin b5, and essential oils
Price: $8.95
Leave-in Conditioner
Just spritz this on whernever you need extra conditioning and style as usual. This weightless leave in spray conditioner won't weigh even the finest hair down. Softens and protects. Leave in until you are ready to rinse out. And it smells great too! made with aloe vera juice, and essential oils
Price: $8.95
Scalp Nourishing Hair Oil
Great for all hair types, this hair oil is a special hydrating treatment for both your hair and your scalp. When used on the hair ends, it provides strength and moisture, reducing split ends. Daily use: Rub 2-4 drops into your wet palms and rub into hair ends and leave. This works best on damp hair, after showering or dampening water. As a special scalp treatment: Wet your hair and towel dry. Use 6-10 drops and rub into your scalp. Leave in your hair overnight (you can sleep with your head on a towel) and then wash out in the morning. For even greater penetration, wrap your hair in a hot towel and relax for 30 minutes, letting the oil work its magic under heat. The ingredients: jojoba oil: sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, essential oils
Price: $9.95
Moisturizing Hair Shine
Just spriz on for that extra shine! Made with glycerin to lock in moisture and aloe to nourish the hair. made with aloe vera juice, vegetalbe glycerin, distilled water and essential oils
Price: $7.50
Whipped Hair Pomade
This pomade is not a heavy, waxy pomade but more of a light hairdressing. Use to seal in moisture, add sheen and provide overall healthy conditioning to dry and/or damaged hair. Your hair will feel sooo soft after applying this pomade to your hair. Excellent for natural styles such as twists, braids, afro's and waves. It will not leave a heavy build up in hair. This pomade is naturally scented with natural coconut fragrance oil. Made with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e aloe vera gel, provitamin b5, avocado butter, wheat germ oil, vegetable glycerin, coconut fragrance oil. Apply a small amount on wet or dry hair. A little goes a long way. Will tame those fly-a-ways and frizzies. 4 oz size jar.
Price: $10.00
Daily Hair Silk
This silky hair cream is light weight for everyday use and extremely moisturizing. Great for curly hair, wavy hair, kinky hair, highly textured hair or coily hair, but it works on other hair types such as relaxed hair or straight hair when used very sparingly. It is excellent for afros, wash and gos, shake and gos, twists, twist outs, braid outs, braids, and similar natural hair styles.
Price: $7.50

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