A.O.M Cosmetics - Created by Nature....Crafted by Hand

             About A.O.M Cosmetics
A.O.M Cosmetics was created by
Nicole Martinez
Nicole is a hand crafter, custom blend mineral makeup color specialist, certified mineral makeup artist, natural beauty and herbal skin care specialist, artisan chocolate maker, and master herbalist.  

Nicole is a mother of two very active girls.  She was inspired by her daughters to create a line of non-toxic, natural products that not only work, but is actually good for the skin.  Disappointed by the limited natural products available at the time, and the high costs, she began creating/handcrafting her own recipes at home.  With the success of her first natural product for babies, A.O.M Cosmetics was born on Nicole's birthday on 
                           January 26, 2006!
A.O.M Cosmetics produces high quality hand made mineral makeup and cosmetics created from my own recipes, not pre-made bases (except for the nail color base) using only the most natural and/or vegan ingredients available.  All ingredients are carefully selected by Nicole Martinez and used for its healthy benefits to the skin. 
A.O.M Cosmetics does not use chemicals, fillers, additives, synthetic or chemical preservatives.  Only natural preservatives derived from fruit and vegetables such as pineapples and radishes are used to maintain the products shelf life, usually 6 months to one year as long as moisture (water) does not get into the product.  The mineral makeup is hand crafted from purified powdered minerals from the earth.  The cosmetics ingredients are hand crafted from pure fruit & vegetable oils, waxes, essential oils, sugars/salts, and butters.     Ingredients you can pronounce!

With an A.O.M Experience/Custom Blend, clients always have a choice of what goes into their product and get to watch it being created right before their eyes! You will always get your perfect match, or unique color.  Your recipe is kept on file for future purchases.  Click here Services/The A.O.M Experience to book your appointment.   

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