A.O.M Cosmetics - Created by Nature....Crafted by Hand
Photo Gallery

A.O.M Cosmetics, Summerain Herbal Hair Care
at the Occasions Banquet& Catering Hall
127-08 Merrick, Blvd.
Jamaica, NY
Saturday, August 24 2019

A.O.M Cosmetics at The Market NYC in Greenwich Village New York City
May 23, 24,25 2014

A.O.M Cosmetics whipping it up at Shecky's Girls Night Out in New York City!!!
Saturday, March 15 2014
548 W. 22nd St.New York, 10011

June 24, 2011
A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc. presented by Sirelo Entertainment - CREATIVE GROVE UNDER SIEGE by SIRELO ENTERTAINMENT
Me at my booth at the Path train station on Grove Street in Jersey City


August 13, 2011
Mixing up a foundation and a lipstick for a client in her kitchen in
Queens New York

A.O.M Cosmetics at The Artist Market on Linder on Saturday April 7, 2018

Mini Herbal Facials, Mini Mineral Makeovers

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