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Mak​eup Repair

"Saving Face"

Bring us your broken makeup, and we will repair it for you in minutes!

Have you found that perfect pressed makeup that you were obsessed with, and then suddenly...oops!! you drop it and it shatters to a million pieces!

don't worry, A.O.M Cosmetics got you!  Bring us your broken powders, broken, melted, or smushed lipsticks, and we can fix it for you!

*Repress powder cosmetics

*Reform lipstick nubbins

*Repackage into new containers

*Color Match Eyeshadow

*Color Match Blush

*Color Match Foundation

*Color Match Lipstick

$50.00 two repressed powder products (in original formula, any A.O.M pressed powder will be custom blended, pressed and sold at custom blend prices).

$100.00 two color matched products for the first color match

(Once finalized, products are sold at regular prices)

(If you do not have enough product to fill packaging, we can make a custom match your product at the custom blend price)

*If the mirror is broken in your compact, A.O.M Cosmetics will custom match your product at the custom blend price, and repackage it into a new compact as a safety precaution*

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