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Color Matching


At A.O.M Cosmetics, our talented professional mixologist can take any color from other makeup lines and color match it for you. Has your all time favorite shade been discontinued?

No worries, no color is ever discontinued at A.O.M Cosmetics.

Perhaps you found a product with a color you love, but the consistency or quality of the product is not good. We can match your color and combine it with our high quality products that you can have remade anytime, because we keep the formula in your Custom Color Profile. Our artists can match any:


Lip gloss



Highlight Powder 

Due to the fact that the initial color match requires us to use more product to attain the perfect color, there is a two product minimum for each first time match.   You can send a picture/swatch and description of the product you want color marched and indicate which two products you want color marched on the message section of the  CONTACT page,  and we will work on it until its an identical match. 

Then we will let you know when its ready to be shipped  right to you.

You receive two products for $120 the first time we match your discontinued makeup color After that, your products have no minimum and are sold at our regular product prices.

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