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A.O.M Cosmetics

Uses Technology, The HiMirror Slide for the ultimate in personalized handmade skincare and mineral makeup

Herbal Skin Care Analysis

30 minute session - $30.00

A.O.M Cosmetics uses Hi Mirror technology to analyze your skin care routine. Get a skincare summary within seconds! HiMirror Slide’s advanced technology measures skin conditions through a photo of you (Bear Skin). Line up your face within the presented guidelines and you’ll have a comprehensive skin report in just moments. A.O.M Cosmetics will use this data to create the herbal skin care products (Face Food), that will address the seven categories: Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Red Spots, Wrinkles, Pores, Dark Spots, and Roughness, formulated for normal, dry, oily, mature, or combination skin. We can track your progress when you return to us in 30 days. We can 'tweak" your recipe for the best results for your skin and tailor your skin care routine to the areas that need it the most. (Custom Herbal Skin Care Products Created Based on the Results of your assessment will be sold at regular skin care product prices)


Emulsifying Herbal Beauty Balm Cleanser

Bi-phase Herbal Eye Makeup Remover

Chamomile & Rose Hip Under Eye Cream

Carrot Seed & Shea Butter Under Eye Balm

Herbal Water Face Cream

Gentle Jojoba Exfoliating Foaming Face Cleanser

Flower Water & Vitamin Face Toner

Hyaluronic Acid & Herbal Face Serum

Sugar Beet Lip Scrub

Overnight Lip Mask

Book your appointment below!

Handmade Herbal Skincare Servies

Created with the HiMirror Slide

30 day herbal skincare
 goal system


2hr session

Book your appointment below, and come and visit us at one of our pop up sites. Based on your skincare analyzer results, we can create an herbal skincare recipe and products for your particular skincare needs. Use your new herbal goodies for 30 days and return to us for another analysis. You will be able to see what is working for you and what may not. We can “tweak” your recipe based on your results. That is the beauty of custom-made herbal skincare. All of A.O.M Cosmetics herbal skin care products are hand made in minutes right in front of you with the most natural, skin loving ingredients that you choose based upon your skin’s needs. Monitor the changes in your skin every 30 days and see what is working for you for the ultimate personalization experience.

Beauty Box Feature


1 hr session

If you do not choose a handmade herbal skin care recipe, you can bring your own current skin care products to your 30-day herbal skincare goal system analysis appointment, and scan them into HiMirror’s “Beauty Box” feature to see which of them is producing your desired results. The Himirror Beauty Box feature can also remind you when your store bought products will expire to avoid any disruption in your skin care routine. .

Virtual Makeup Studio
Try before you apply!


Not sure what colors you want for your unique custom blend mineral makeup? Book your appointment below for a mineral makeover, come visit us at our pop up shop site, and take a photo on our smart mirror, the HiMirror Slide. We will walk you through the various color combination for your foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, liner, lipstick, brows, and blush. Try your colors on virtually, choose your final look, and take a picture.

You choose your color story and try before you apply! Once your colors are chosen, we will custom blend and make your makeup product(s) and recreate the look on you. This is the ultimate in personalized service.

(Custom Blend Mineral Makeup, and Mineral Makeover will be charged separately with this service at regular prices)

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